Level 1 Umpire Course Procedure

 Operating Rules

  • All candidates must pay on registration for the whole of the Level 1 test. Fees as stipulated by ACWHUA committee.
  •  ACWHUA to register the course with The National Governing Body and fee sent 4 weeks prior to start of course for level 1 paperwork
  •  A candidate is allowed 24 months between passing the level 1 theory paper to the satisfactory level 1 practical assessment.
  •  A candidate must pass the theory test with a minimum of 75% (or as stipulated by The National Governing Body) before they can take the practical assessment.
  •  A candidate must umpire a minimum of 3 matches (or as stipulated by The National Governing Body) and have a match card signed by both captains before they can take a practical assessment
  •  The practical assessment must be made by assessors approved by ACWHUA Committee.
  •  The standard of the match on which a candidate can be tested must be of an approved standard.
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  How we operate

  •  Level 1 theory testing sessions are held each year and dates will be advised to clubs in advance.
  • The cost of the Level 1 course will be set by the ACWHUA committee each year. A further registration fee will be payable on successful completion of the Level 1 assessment which will include membership of the ACWHUA and insurance for the coming year.
  • Practical assessments are held each year during the ACWHUA summer league. The reasons for the time gap are:-
  • Candidates need the knowledge gained during the theory sessions and the Level 1 theory exam before they can adequately practise umpiring.
  • Candidates are given adequate time to gain practical experience of umpiring which helps improve their confidence. Training matches and junior club matches are ideal for this.
  • Candidates are given adequate time to complete their 3 match cards. The games cannot be league games or practice training sessions, but must be of a suitable standard between two different clubs. The card must be signed by both captains as proof that the candidate umpired the match.
  • It gives ACWHUA time to conduct further coaching/training sessions throughout the season for candidates who want them and give adequate notice.
  • Candidates who want a practical assessment before the summer league may do so at a game of suitable standard, as stipulated by ACWHUA committee, provided that the Association is given at least one month’s prior notice so that qualified assessors can be appointed.
  • The Young Umpire Award (formerly the Preliminary Umpire Award) courses can be organised for young umpires in schools or clubs who wish to start umpiring but do not wish to take their Level 1 at present. It is based exclusively on Mini Hockey and fun to do from start to finish. These courses can be arranged by mutual agreement with the ACWHUA Young Umpires Co-ordinator.
  • The Foundation Umpire Award is suitable for students or inexperienced club players who want to learn the Rules of the game and some basic umpiring skills. It is an enjoyable course involving a theory session in the classroom, an examination paper and a short practical assessment. Eleven a-side or Mini Hockey can be used for the practical assessment at the end of the course . Further information can be obtained from the Umpiring Secretary.


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