Insurance for umpires
It is essential that every hockey umpire has insurance cover - public or civil liability.  To go out and umpire, referee or coach in any sport without suitable insurance is an unnecessary risk.

England Hockey offers two policy options (provisions of cover) to accredited hockey umpires (Level 1 and above).  The options are:

  1. The England Hockey Individual Civil Liability Policy for Umpires – supplied by Perkins Slade, the EH insurer and offering each umpire cover to the value of £5,000,000 and essentially providing cover for the umpire in any game at any time and in any place (e.g. in school, in the club, in the youth games schemes, on local authority business, in the BUSA programme, in men’s, women’s, mixed, senior or junior, in England or abroad.  To take out this cover, please complete and return the application form.
  2. The England Hockey Club Civil Liability Policy – supplied by Perkins Slade, the EH insurer offering the club and all of its members (including volunteers) protection from the consequences of claims against them for injury, financial loss or damage to property.  It must be noted that the cover is exclusive to club duties only (i.e. it does not provide cover for umpiring or coaching for another club or at a local school etc.).

There is one other option available for umpires and that is to contact the local Umpiring Association.  In most cases there is an Association in each County and membership offers include insurance cover as a part of the membership package.  Some of these vary in type and cost and some are dependent on taking appointments, but it’s always worth making an enquiry to see if there is cover available to suit your needs.


PLEASE NOTE  Membership of this Association covers public liability insurance.

If you want more information about Insurance or wish to make a claim

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