Chairman's Report

AGM 2006

Peter Lovell

In my first year, in this my second term as Chairman, I must say a very big thank you to the entire committee for all their help and support.

To Carolyn Britton who has tirelessly organised two level 1 courses this year, without her dedication it would be very difficult to be able to increase the numbers of qualified umpires.

Vicky Hollier who has continued as co-ordinator of the newly qualified mentoring scheme, although response has been slack, it is good for new umpires to know there is someone there if needed.

Margaret Hollow who has taken on the onerous task as Secretary, things not always running smoothly but has learnt from mistakes she has made.

Justine Nicklin who has continued to organise the summer league, a vital tool, that allows us to coach and to test umpires at all levels.

Bob Pearce who, despite having switched jobs this year, has continued to act as our Treasurer.

Liz Powell who continues to run a progression group for those who wish to improve their umpiring, two of whom have this year passed their Level 2 qualification, Mark Dane and Nic Oliver. Word has it that a further two or three may be moving towards that qualification next year.

Gill Prophet who has been my Vice Chairman this year, a role it was thought necessary to introduce in case that proverbial bus should come along.

Last but not least to Janet Wilson, who has had the tiring job of co-ordinating the reassessment programme.

As you know, three of these people, Vicky Hollier, Gill Prophet and Janet Wilson have decided to stand down this year; we wish them well in the future.

I addition to those who have served on Committee I would like to thank all those who have helped with both reassessment and umpire coaching and testing, John Burr, Val Harding, Lesley Bayne, Leslie Hughes, without a considerable amount of input from these people the committee would find themselves on their knees.

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