Secretary's Report

AGM 2006

Margaret Hollow

This has been my first year as Secretary for the association and I would like to thank Pete Lovell, John Burr and Jan Wilson for helping me out of the scrapes I got myself into. Las year I was supposed to be "shadowing" Pete, But like the original Peter Pan, he lost his shadow on many occasions. Hopefully the coming year will be smoother.

We have had several changes to our umpires during the year - several retirements and thankfully quite a few candidates from earlier Level 1 courses have now fully qualified. The summer league will see approximately 19 candidates undertake their practical test, ready to blow for the new season. If you are an old hand st umpiring, please make our new colleagues welcome when you meet them on the pitch - remember how daunting that first match was?

As usual we have provided many umpires for the Avon and West tournaments, both junior and senior and these are excellent chances to see other umpires at work. The junior ones can also be very useful for any young umpires that you have in your clubs.

A quick reminder to those of you whao have not returned your 3 match cards - they should go to Pete by the end of July to ensure that you are not removed from the active list and therefore ineligible to umpire league matches next season.

Finally, can I ask that you ensure that your details, particularly your Email address, are current as most of our communication is done this way as it is a very cost effective way of contacting everybody.

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