Do's and Don'ts for Umpires and Officials

Umpires and Officials - Good Practice Document

 ‘Good practice is as much about protecting yourself as well as protecting the children.’

 When working with young players and umpires…..


  • Make every effort to protect them from abuse from players, coaches, spectators etc. If you see it or hear it call the captains together at the time and if appropriate report it to the County’s Welfare Officer after the match.
  • Accommodation – check that those who are under 18 are in allocated rooms. No under 18 should share a room with an adult.
  • Appointments – if the umpire appears tired or injured, reconsider his/her appointments. Demonstrate care. Remember that safety and well-being are paramount.
  • Appreciate the needs of young persons at all times.
  • Changing Areas – If under 18s are involved, make every effort to see that these areas are safe – involve the team captains as appropriate.
  • Enjoyment – recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment.
  • Feedback – Where appropriate provide verbal feedback in a positive way at all times. Be constructive, be helpful. Explanations are essential. Young persons are still learning.

Do Not

  • Engage in any inappropriate contact with young persons under 18.
  • Give a lift to a young person under 18 unless there are other young people or adults in the car and their parents are aware.
  • Take any young umpire or player under 18 to your room or home.
  • Overtly criticise young umpires or players or use language which may cause them to lose confidence or self-esteem.
  • Make sexually explicit remarks to young umpires or players, even in fun.

Whilst most of this is common sense it does not hurt us to be reminded of our responsibilities.

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