Dr Gill Clarke MBE Top 10 Umpiring Tips

5 things an umpire should always do

  1. Prepare thoroughly, both physically and mentally and get match fit – the game continues to get faster, more professional and technically sophisticated, umpires must be ready to meet this challenges;
  2. Understand the game and what coaches and players are trying to do and appreciate what’s at stake for them;
  3. Let the game flow - know when not to blow, be courageous, intervene as little as possible;
  4. Sort out what is trivial and what really matters;
  5. Umpire within the spirit of the game not the letter of the law – don’t be pedantic.
5 things an umpire should never do
  1. Assume things - e.g. the noise of sticks clashing – this may not be a foul, allow the players to tackle, etc.;
  2. Look for fouls - umpire the game in front of you;
  3. Loose your cool and over react to situations – retain your sense of justice and fairness - remember the players are the thing;
  4. Be too hasty – take some time, wait and see / be prepared to gamble – try not to disrupt the flow of the game;
  5. Be inconsistent in decision making – especially with regard to penalty corners.

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