On receipt of a complaint regarding an umpire, either by Email or letter, the following procedure will take place


  • The Secretary will send a formal confirmation of receipt to the club or complainant, normally within 72 hours. This will inform them that the complaint will be discussed at the earliest opportunity within 14 days.
  • The Secretary will forward copies of the complaint to all members of the disciplinary sub-committee consisting of the President of ACWHA, Secretary, Vice Chairman or Chairman of ACWHUA and the liaison officer of the umpire/s who are the subject of the complaint within 48 hours.
  • The liaison officer will discuss the complaint with the relevant umpire/s involved in the incident, so that the umpire/s view of events might be taken into consideration. The liaison officer will then forward any response to all members of the sub-committee.
  • The sub-committee will decide, within 14 days, any appropriate action. Where necessary, advice shall be sought from the National Governing Body.
  • The secretary will inform, by letter, the club and the umpire/s concerned of the outcome.
  • The sub-committee shall inform the full committee of the incident and outcome at the next Committee meeting.


Clubs have been reminded, when issuing this procedure, that complaints should only be of an umpire’s overall performance and should not relate to specific decisions within a game.

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