All re-assessments will be co-ordinated by the County Umpiring Secretary or the person nominated by the Avon County Women’s Hockey Umpires’ Association (ACWHUA) Committee.


  • To show that the Level 1 umpire is active the umpire must have officiated at the minimum number of games as stipulated by National Governing Body during the current assessment year (club matches, under 18 club matches, senior or U16/U18 junior county, veterans matches, U18 inter school matches or West Tournaments may count as one game).The assessment year runs from 1 st September to 31st July.
  • Prior to the beginning of the season a card will be issued for signatures to be gained from team captains for the required number of games during the assessment year. If the completed card is not returned as directed by 15th August the name of the umpire will be deleted from the National Governing Body Level 1 Register, deemed to be inactive. This will preclude them from the WCWHA League list. The committee reserves the right to validate cards. Should the umpire wish to become active again an assessment game will be arranged by mutual agreement prior to the umpire being re-registered. A fee, as stipulated by ACWHUA committee, will be payable.
  • To ensure competency, Level 1 umpires will be assessed once in every 4 years. Assessors will be appointed by the ACWHUA committee.
  • If an umpire is unsuccessful at the assessment game, then another game will be arranged for further assessment, this will be by mutual agreement. If the required standard is still not reached, then the umpires name will be taken off the National Governing Body Level 1 Register, and the umpire will be deemed to be inactive, and therefore will be removed from the WCWHA League list. Offers of coaching must be given. Further re-assessment can only be arranged after coaching and a fee, as stipulated by ACWHUA committee, will be payable.
  • All decisions concerning the implementation of this policy are at the discretion of the ACWHA Committee.

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